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Mark Vang

I develop and provide solutions that take advantage of my skills and background in technology and social media that leverage a variety of Google and Amazon products. These solutions support business operations and custom social media campaigns with a focus on solutions driven by detail that can scale to any size organization.

Recent projects have focused on content aggregation and distribution using 3rd party apps and various cloud products. My experience with Linux on my local system has translated directly to successful cloud computing projects that show promise as commercial ventures. Add to that, my extensive experience with a variety of social media platforms and live Hangout On Air video broadcasts and I feel I'm in a unique position to offer technical and marketing support to businesses trying to make efficient use of social media and cloud technology.

View my Project Notes page to see specific examples of how I bring social and cloud technology together. My Insights blog posts about YouTube/HOA video marketing strategy and campaign management will show you how I can put my extensive experience and technical acumen to work for your organization.

Solutions I develop often use Google for Work (Google Apps) products and organizations as a foundation for services I build and manage for clients. This means that services are delivered using Google Enterprise infrastructure and any third party apps I deploy supporting your solution will integrate seamlessly with your Google for Work organization or Google+ accounts used for social media.

While I have a deep working knowledge of many Google products including Drive and Hangouts, I'm also able to develop solutions that create seamless connections between other cloud data services. Examples of this are the Simple Archive Service and Photo Archive Service. These systems can move data between Amazon and Google securely without the hassle of logging in and out of different services or security issues caused by shared account passwords.

  • I can create and manage these solutions on your behalf, taking the role of IT/Admin to manage all accounts and support requests by employees and team members.
  • I can provide solutions as a project built to your specifications with all resources owned by your organization. Your staff provides basic day-today management and I provide IT/Admin support and user training services on retainer or hourly basis.

A complete list of services is available under the "Managed Services" section of the website.

Freelance social media technology consulting. Connect with me on LinkedInĀ®
I am available for freelance consulting related to social media technology, Google for Work (Google Apps), Google product training (Hangouts, Drive, etc.) and cloud technology. Use the contact form on this site or connect with me on LinkedIn to discuss your needs. Thanks.