Training and support for B2B and B2C social media.

Would you like to manage your own social media accounts but aren't sure how to start? I can create the accounts with a consistent, professional design.

Secure social media account design by Mark Vang - Virginia Beach, VA.

After your accounts have been created, I can provide social media training for your staff, including coaching and tactics sessions that keep you on track.

✔ Did you know that you can boost the search engine rankings for your company website by sharing links to its content on social networks?
✔ Did you know that your Google+ profile and company page activity are factored by Google Search to calculate "authority" for your posts?
✔ Did you know that your G+ company page can have its own "branded" YouTube channel?

    Professional training via private Google Hangout or Skype

    • LinkedIn® profile features and settings
    • LinkedIn® company page setup and features
    • Google+ company page setup and features
    • Google+ personal profile setup including "circle" setup and profile security
    • Twitter profile setup and security review
    • Facebook company page setup and features
    • Google Profile badges for your page and community.
    • Need training on something not listed here? Join the community and ask about other training options.

    Sessions can be customized to meet your training needs. For an additional fee, the training can be scheduled as a live on-air hangout, which will produce a YouTube video you can download and keep for your records.

    Design and build your Facebook Page

  • Facebook is a popular destination for many of your customers. Can they find you on Facebook?
    • Regular activity on Facebook can keep you at the front of your customer's minds when they make purchase decisions.
    • Many of your customers are on Facebook. Many of your competitors are on Facebook. Are you on Facebook?
    • You can use photos or video to demonstrate products and services.
    • Conduct market research and generate interest for new products.
    • Announce an upcoming event and invite your customers.

    Design and build your LinkedIn® Company Page

  • On LinkedIn® you can build your brand with a company page.
    • LinkedIn® members can follow your company page to receive product updates or to explore employment opportunities.
    • The company page provides an additional opportunity to improve search engine visibility, and it's free.

    A professional profile for your key employees creates opportunities for your business.

    • A clean, professional profile opens business networking opportunities.
    • Create a public profile that can be indexed by search engines to increase brand awareness.

    Design and build your Google+ Business Page

  • Ask any SEO expert and they will tell you that "Google loves Google."

    • Your activity on Google+ sends social signals used by Google Search to determine your position in personalized and local search results.
    • Your Google+ Company Page can have its own branded YouTube channel, with a link back to your website.

    • A Google+ Company page can provide a boost to your company website in search engine rankings.
    • Google Communities are a great way to attract new customers and build a relationship with them.
    • Take advantage of other Google products like Google Places for Business.

    Your personal Google+ profile is an effective way to build your social presence and increase visibility via search.

    • Your Google+ profile can provide links to your business website, professional profile, and social accounts (Twitter/Pinterest, etc.)
    • Google Circles let you organize your contacts and can be used to target posts to a specific audience.
    • Update your company website to include social account "badges" for each account created.
    • I can build your social presence on Google+ from scratch or help you optimize your existing profile and company page.

    Design and build your company Twitter Page

  • Twitter can help you reach your customers on the go, build your B2B network and enhance your brand.
    • Tweets are indexed by search engines and are an integral part of your website SEO.
    • Twitter is great for live promotions or sharing important updates with your customers.
    • You can Tweet pictures and video. It's a great tool for sharing live events.
    • Any cell phone can receive Tweets - it's the original SMS social service.

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Social Profile Review

Get a social profile review: Is your LinkedIn® profile attracting clients, or chasing them away? Do you know why you need a company page, even if you're a solo-preneur? I can review your Google+ profile, business page, Facebook page, Twitter profile and other social accounts so they work for you rather than against you.

Receive personal or team training in a private Google Hangout

Receive personal or team training in a private Google Hangout: 30/60/90 minute live Q&A hangout sessions are available. Personalized training that can cover a wide range of topics including Google+, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn®. Sessions can be "hands-on" tutorials or private consultations where we discuss social media strategy and tactics for your business.